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Do it once. Do it right. That’s the motto my dad instilled in me when I started working for him at just 10 years old. From a young age, I knew I’d be doing this for life. Building has always been my passion; I love creating with my hands and being able to look upon a finished product with a sense of pride.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, I became a full-time carpenter at the age of 18 and later started my company, Philson Builders, in 1987. Whether it’s a remodel or a new home build, I treat every single project as if it is my own home. Taking the time and care to do it right, I always aim to produce something that is beyond my client’s expectations. I’ve been told what sets me apart from others in the industry is how often I visit my job sites. I genuinely love what I do, and I pride myself on being present and putting in work at my jobs every day. Plus, being able to see my client’s dream home come to life in front of their eyes makes everything worth it for me.

Nearly 50 years later, my dad’s motto still rings true for everything I do, and is something I’ve been able to pass on to my son, Devin. For us, that means always doing the right thing, even if it’s harder.

Fun Facts

In my spare time, I enjoy: Fishing, running with my Border Collie Stella (who usually comes to work with me), riding my mountain bike, competing in triathlons, and camping with my two adult kids

Favorite tunes to play while working on the job site: Classic rock like Van Halen, Aerosmith, Guns ’N’ Roses and Rolling Stones 

Favorite lunchtime food: Tuna sandwich with smoked gouda and a side of fresh fruit like cantaloupe and grapes 

Favorite part of the job: When we start getting towards the end of a project and we can see all of the finishing pieces come together, those pieces the homeowner will see and touch every day that make it feel like home… that make all of the hard work pay off

Favorite part of working with my son: Sharing my knowledge and experience with somebody who truly wants to learn and absorb it, then seeing him take it, run with it and succeed makes me proud


Job Foreman

Just like my dad started working for his at a young age, I went to work with my dad as a kid, too. I loved playing around on the job sites, but I also began to learn basic carpentry skills from a young age. I always knew I wanted to do something with my hands that would allow me to be creative, and general carpentry in particular piqued my interest because I get to do a little bit of everything.

I have always looked up to my dad, but as I got older, I began to really appreciate him as a businessman when I witnessed how much he puts into his work and taking care of his customers. Sure it would come with plenty of challenges, but I knew that working for my dad full-time would be an amazing learning opportunity.

I have been working at Philson Builders since I graduated high school, and it turns out I am pretty good at what I do. Like my dad, I like to get things right. Once I start a project, I give it my all until the finished product is better than I could have expected.

Fun Facts

In my spare time, I enjoy: Playing the guitar, listening to music with friends and spending time outdoors

Favorite tunes to play on the job: Classic rock like Creedence Clearwater Revival and Marshall Tucker Band

Favorite lunchtime food: Leftover pizza

Favorite part of the job: Creating something with my own hands and seeing the final result

Favorite part of working with dad: Those moments when we play our favorite music and put our heads down to get a project done together 


The Dirt Dog

I’m Stella! I was adopted by my dad Phil.  Since then, I go to work every day and help dad with his construction 🔨 work, and make sure everyone does their very best work on the job site. It’s a great life!

Fun Facts

In my spare time, I enjoy: Rolling in the dirt, chasing squirrels, long naps

Favorite tunes to play on the job:  Hound Dog, Seamus the Dog, B-I-N-G-O, Bark at the Moon

Favorite lunchtime food:  Steak and hot cheetos

Favorite part of the job: Hanging with my humans

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